Company guide

Corporate philosophy

  • Becoming a company that brings warmth to people and society
  • That's how we change the concept of what is obvious
  • Creating new industries by connecting industries from different fields


Genial Light contributes to healthy minds and bodies with light, and works hard with a passionate spirit and firm readiness to be able to help enrich lives.

- Our challenge to form a society -

Genial Light continues to think things from our customers' perspective, and work hard to realize their dreams and exceed their expectations.

- Our challenge to satisfy customers -


Genial Light will continue to be an organization that is admired by society and trusted as a member of that society.

Safety and security

Genial Light learns from the past to open up the future with safe and secure technologies to make the impossible possible.

Optical technology and creativity

In order to meet customers' true needs, Genial Light encourages a collection of free thought to bring together spirits and skills, thereby continuing to create warm, exciting products that take advantage of optical technology and our manufacturing expertise.

Dreams and responsibilities

By sharing dreams and responsibilities, Genial Light works hard to build respectful and trustworthy relationships.

Corporate culture

Genial Light shares in people's pleasures and their pains, creating a warm corporate culture that provides benefits to them so that they can develop healthy, relaxed home lives.