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Genial Viewer

In-vivo visualization device

Capable of safely running tests without harming health.
Enables low implementation costs and low operating costs.

Genial Viewer is a next-generation device developed to visualize the inside of objects including the human body.In the past, visualizing the inside of objects was mainly accomplished with X-rays and contrast agents, but by using Genial Viewer, you can safely conduct tests without harming health.Since it does not require equipment or a specialist in radioactive materials, it has low implementation and operating costs.

Genial Viewer


  1. Extremely customizable
  2. The system, such as the light source and light receiver, can be easily changed to suit a variety of subjects (custom orders available).
    Please do not hesitate to contact us.
  3. Ultra-safe
  4. Since the device does not use X-rays, there is no need for a radiation specialist or radiation-proof facilities.
  5. Usable in a bright room
  6. Since the device is unaffected by ambient lighting, it does not need to be used in a dark room.This makes monitoring more efficient.
  7. Easily connect to a computer
  8. Simply connect to a computer using a USB cable to enable real-time visualization.
  9. A multitude of image processing functions
  10. Use the specialized image processing software (sold separately) to enable a multitude of image data processing functions.
    • Pseudo-color gradated display
    • Original image

    Differences in freshness are displayed in color, making them easier to see.0 is black, 255 is white, and the colors between change from blue to light blue, green, yellow, and red.

    • Sharpening + variable threshold
    • Sharpening + variable threshold + synthesis with original image

    "Sharpening" refers to a uniform binarization of an image by changing the threshold for each image, even for images with uneven illumination.A variable threshold extracts the areas with significant differences in brightness compared to the original image to create a crisp, clear image.


    • Medical

      Blood vessels in the palm

      The device can see through the veins and arteries in the finger without the use of contrast agents.

    • Agricultural grains

      Insect contamination in processed grain products

      The device can see contaminants such as insects that do not show up on X-rays.

    • Foods

      Contamination of processed fruit product

      The device can identify contaminants in food products such as soft plastic that do not show up on X-rays.

    • Environment

      Veins in leaves

      The device can see the veins in leaves.