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The desire to shine a warm
light on society.

Our company name, Genial Light, embodies our desire to shine a warm light on society.
Genial Light is engaged in world-class, made-in-Japan manufacturing, based on a corporate philosophy of delivering warmth to people and society, and we desire to create an industry that we can share warmth and emotion with people and society from the perspective of optical technology, understanding difficulties, sadness, and happiness of being “normal.” .

Since our founding in 2006, based on the product development concept of "Turning the possibilities of optical technology into the possibilities of medical care and the future," we have gathered like-minded players through trial-and-error to create a framework as company and organization.

I want to continue to take advantage of our specialties, which include weak-light detection technology, analog circuit design, microcomputer circuit design, and algorithm development, as well as the medical network we have cultivated, to meet society's true needs and merge the fields of optical technology, medical care, and industry that only Genial Light can do.

When asked to do something, we never say "we can't."
If our customers have expectations or requests of us, we will keep doing our best to fulfill them. Even if things do not turn out as well as we might expect, it will still form a foundation of our expertise as we keep working in the future. We also want to create an organization that brings together a lot of ambitious people.

To honor our 10 years since our founding, our employees will all continue to observe our company motto, seek to unleash the possibilities of light, and contribute to society by sharing warmth and delight with our customers.

Genial Light Co., Ltd.
PresidentRyo Shimokita